Delving into Senses and Accessibility within Web3: The Sensory Sunrise Exhibition by SULCI WORLD

Welcome To The Metaverse — Presenting 6 Artists and Their Unique Sensory Lens

7 min readOct 9, 2023
A designed graphic with light pink background with black text: A SENSORY SUNRISE EXHIBITION. Dates October 11-November 9 2023. Logos on white background bottom right for SULCI WORLD and PROTOWORLD. Image in the centre is on a light blue background of a metaverse exhibition. There are two panels of abstract art. The names of the artists and exhibition are in block text in pastel colours around the panels. There are four chairs facing the artwork.

A Sensory Sunrise, an exhibition presented by SULCI WORLD and hosted in the Protoworld open metaverse.

This immersive exhibition offers a unique sensory experience that explores the nuances of sunrise.

Presenting the work of 6 artists through their unique sensory lens.

We are proud to introduce the 6 exhibiting artists: Phillip Carter, Anum Farooq, Abu Jafar, Luqalbuq, B a r b a r a Schneider and Claudia Tong.

We provide visitors with a digital journey through the interplay of light, sound, and emotion inspired by this transitional moment.

Join us as we delve into the sensory realm of sunrise in a virtual space.


The theme ‘A Sensory Sunrise’ inspired a variety of responses from the 6 exhibiting artists.

Evoking a spectrum of both real and imagined artworks…

Sensory Sunrise Inspiration

During sunrise, your senses are immersed.

You exist at the juncture between darkness and light, night and day, known and unknown.

At dawn, witnessing the dynamic transformation of light.

As it transitions between the gentle onset of day.

To the mesmerizing golden hour.

The auditory landscape shifts gradually.

Moving from the hush of quiet to the crescendo of noise.

Signifying the transition between sleeping and waking.

The changing atmospheres and landscapes sit somewhere between an evolving density, and coming to light.

At this point consciousness and reality intertwines seamlessly within the world of imagination.


Honeyed sunrise crystallising new spaces into being, Human-Made Digital Render, no AI, Phillip Carter / Grumblebricks, 2023
Root Light, Photography, Anum Farooq, 2020
On my way, Acrylic, Oil on Canvas, Abu Jafar, 1991–2020
Flowersun, Photomanipulation, Luqalbuq, 2023
Industrial NATURE or The Sun will Rise Tomorrow, Digital Photography, PSE, B a r b a r a Schneider, 2023
A Sensory Sunrise, Acrylic on Canvas (photographed), Claudia Tong, 2021

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At SULCI WORLD, our primary objectives revolve around celebrating and transforming art environments, catering to individuals who experience brain and sensory differences.

We are pleased to incorporate our research, which promotes inclusivity and accessibility, within the metaverse and the Web3 environment.


Protoworld is vast, dynamic, and open for all. We believe that the core value of the Metaverse is to ‘create’ and ‘connect’. The Metaverse should transcend and escape the limitations of the physical world, not inherit them. — Protoworld

This represents an ongoing learning process, with a continuous pursuit of enhancing our knowledge through collaborations with creative professionals.

An important distinction to make is that there are two different versions of Protoworld; desktop and mobile.

Our exhibition is hosted in the mobile app.

iOS —

Android —

The reasons we chose to build in Protoworld metaverse are:


  • It’s an intuitive interface to build in.
  • There are preset spaces you can adapt and add your artworks.
  • We wanted visitors to feel like they were in an intimate setting they can access to enjoy the works.
  • You can visit anytime, in your own safe space. Without having to navigate busy public areas.
  • You can customize your phone settings to fine-tune lighting, sound, and accessibility features according to your comfort and preferences.
  • You can access the exhibition at your own pace.
  • We are delighted at the exhibition itself and seeing the artworks in a 3D gallery space on mobile.
  • There is an existing audience on Protoworld who are interested in NFTs and the metaverse.
  • You can leave comments and interact with a fun avatar.
  • The social element and community is perfect for our needs: You can pop in and out of the exhibition without any additional social interactions. But still feel part of and welcomed in Protoworld.
  • There is a growing vibrant community on Twitter and everyone enjoys sharing their stories and seeing what others are creating.

Overall, we are exited about the potential and future possibilities to what Protoworld can offer creatives, and have already found a lot of joy in building this exhibition.


The mobile app is in open alpha phase, this means they are still rolling out updates.

At this time of writing, there is not an option to search directly for our profile.

To find our exhibition:

  1. Protoworld will message you when you sign up; go onto their profile. Find SULCI WORLD in who they are following and ‘Follow’.
  2. Click bottom left circles button to go back to main feed.
  3. Select ‘Follow’ and we will pop up.
  4. Click games console bottom left to enter!

We will update on social media as soon as this search update has been rolled out.

Interacting with The Exhibition

This is called "Animessage":

  1. Press the game console in the bottom left to enter.
  2. Move your avatar with the joystick, triangle button to fly.
  3. Move to a position you like.
  4. Click the bottom-right red circle button to choose your animation & appearance.
  5. Leave a message!


Creating art environments in Web3 to cater to individuals with sensory differences is a constant learning process. We are always looking to improve and build on our experiences.

These are some points we could develop:

  • Having a direct link to find and search for our profile. (After alpha phase)
  • It can be overwhelming to navigate in 3D and get your bearings.

➡️ It takes a few attempts to get used to this. We have included graphics to help make this clearer before entering the space. (We are tweaking these as and when feedback from visitors come in.)

*Protoworld is very quick to respond in- app/Twitter and explain how their interface works if you need extra pointers.

  • Web3 constantly changes, so you have to get used to this fast-paced environment, and there being lots of continual updates (this can also be a pro).

➡️ Making sure we are on top of this and can clearly communicate these changes to our audience.

  • Affordability of hardware for running Web3 applications have high costs, needing the latest models to keep up.

➡️ We have been trying to find apps and tools that are as accessible as possible but this is a constant issue with new technologies. We will update if there are different versions available.

  • Requiring access to consistent internet speeds.

➡️ Make sure we update as and when different versions of the tech are rolled out. For example, if the app can be accessed on desktop or offline.


If you have visited A Sensory Sunrise we welcome feedback! So we can improve our experiences.

Feedback Form


We are always interested in how to bring these adaptable ideas into physical art environments.

Looking for ways these ideas are integrated from the outset, instead of what often can be an afterthought:

Ideas such as lighting, how sound is projected around the gallery, background noise and instructions of how to navigate the space. These all have a profound impact on improving and transforming the gallery experience for individuals with sensory differences.


Find more at our research archive.


Our goals are to celebrate and transform art environments for individuals who experience brain and sensory differences. We create blueprints for inclusive spaces and enhance sensory awareness through Web3 and beyond…

Learn more on our website:


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We look forward to meeting you in the metaverse.

A SENSORY SUNRISE Exhibition, October 11 — November 9, 2023.





We celebrate and transform art environments for individuals who experience brain and sensory differences •